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Designing and Developing Interactive Worlds that Connect and Illuminate

(1 of 9) Peck Peck's Garden - an iPad/iPhone app featuring autonomous behavior and a mini-ecology

(2 of 9) Prototype for a 3D interactive air traffic control system developed at MIT for the US Department of Transportation

(3 of 9) Demonstrating Gene Pool to a group of artifial life enthusiasts.

(4 of 9) One of many illustrations showing the emergent patterns in plane-filling fractal curves, from the book, 'Brainfilling Curves'

(5 of 9) Components of virtual body language developed for with co-designer Chuck Clanton

(6 of 9) Customizable, interactive particle system developed for Visual Music Systems, Inc., Boston, MA

(7 of 9) Presenting 'physical avatar' and 'avatar puppeteering' in Second Life

(8 of 9) Early-stage avatar system using ball and spring physics for

(9 of 9) Teaching the graduate course, Building Virtual Worlds at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver

Jeffrey Ventrella provides design oversight and develops software with a distinctly human touch. He has over 20 years of professional experience in design, technology, and education.

“...a complex combination of artist, software developer, and virtual body language expert on a quest to create more humane technology.” - Work Petaluma

“ of the world's experts on avatars and 3D communications.” - Wikipedia

“This man ... is quite incredible. Here on his website you can find a myriad of beautifully designed evolution simulation software.” - Evolution Space